Total Recall

Total Recall 4.2.0

Utility for recording phone calls in AMR or WAV format

Total Recall allows you to record mobile phone calls with the push of a button, saving them as audio files in either WAV or AMR format View full description


  • Share captured audio
  • Runs undetected
  • Can be set to auto-start


  • Only supports WAV and AMR
  • May end up getting you in trouble


Total Recall allows you to record mobile phone calls with the push of a button, saving them as audio files in either WAV or AMR format

Do you ever find yourself constantly repeating things to your friends only for them to turn around and say "yeah, but haven't you told me that before"? Likewise you may forget the time and date of arrangements you made over the phone. With Total Recall these issues are a thing of the past.

No matter if it's an incoming or outgoing call Total Recall springs into action straight away, capturing the sound in the background. On most Symbian phones it doesn't even beep, meaning that Total Recall is totally transparent.

Options and settings

There are quite a few options and settings to twiddle with, including a facility for auto-recording conversations as soon as you start talking, plus the ability to link saved audio files to contacts in your address book. Once you've finished recording, you can send the file to your pal (or to others, for that matter) using MMS, HTTP, or email. There's also an option for applying password protection to Total Recall.

It's a decent system and the sound quality is OK, although it only supports WAV and AMR output. Ultimately though, the big argument against Total Recall is a moral one. If you inform the other person that you're recording them then it's fine. If you don't, then you're getting into some murky ground legally, and if your friends/customers/spouse finds out what you've been doing you may see your popularity start to wane.

If you want to record mobile phone conversations, Total Recall makes for a reliable solution. Just remember to ask the permission of the other caller first!

Total Recall is an automated conversation recording program designed for the Nokia Series 60 platform. Total Recall detects all incoming/outgoing calls and automatically asks whether you want to save the conversation or not. Total Recall offers one touch recording, and requires no sound recorder program launching from the menu, no long key press, no unnecessary effort. Total Recall is the most ergonomic application of its kind! Total Recall. Knows the moment when you need it!

Feature list of Total Recall:

  • Save conversation from incoming/outgoing calls
  • Ability to playback clips locally
  • Support of AMR and WAV audio file formats
  • Automatic startup on phone power on

Total Recall


Total Recall 4.2.0

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